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Chefchaouen: Midnight Dance In The Blue City!

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Dear Friends,

First, I apologize for not posting in German but I know from talking to many of you that your English is astounding! I just really wanted to share some dance moves with you! Today, I’m taking my House and Club Dance around the world as I film some dancing in some sweet spots in Chefchaouen, Morocco. If you’re a student of my dance lessons, you’ll definitely have seen these moves in the House + EDM programs.

Chefchaouen at night is beautiful, but quite noisy late until night. I’m staying at someone’s flat right in the thick of the blue city, and I decide to film some house dancing with a touch of other styles late at night. Because it’s still so busy, I have no choice but to wander, find more secluded places to dance, and wait it out. The local residents put out their garbage, the cats raid it, and many parts of Chefchaouen are a mess.

Moroccan youths smoke locally grown marijuana on the streets, while several old men on the streets are selling. Eventually, around 2am, the streets quiet down enough for me to get going. It’s getting late, and I have to get my dance on fast as I’m running out of energy. Fortunately, a good house track always gets me moving! Don’t forget to click, like, subscribe, and leave a comment if there’s a dance move that caught your eye and you want me to break down!

The song is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Ben Ashton, courtesy of Spirit Soul Records.

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